Đề thi giải Trần Đại Nghĩa (môn Anh Văn) năm 2009 Lớp 10 kì 3

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Đề thi giải Trần Đại Nghĩa (môn Anh Văn) năm 2009 Lớp 10 kì 3

Bài gửi by Thầy Đức on Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:47 pm

Kỳ 3
1. I was disappointed ______ the grade I received on my last essay.
A. on; B. with; C. at; D. about
2. The Medical Center is close ______ our school.
A. at; B. with; C. from; D. to
3. Catherine became accustomed ______ spicy foods when she was traveling.
A. to; B. at; C. with; D. for
4. Is your bicycle equipped ______ a light?
A. as; B. for; C. with; D. of
5. This computer isn’t capable ______ running this software.
A. for; B. of; C. to; D. in
6. Australia is famous for its ______ beauty.
A. scene; B. scenic; C. scenery; D. scent
7. It’s not a very pretty town, but it has very beautiful ______.
A. surround; B. surrounding; C. surrounds; D. surroundings
8. All the ______ grounds in ancient Egypt were on the west bank of the River Nile.
A. bury; B. burying; C. burial; D. buried
9. ______, that famous violinist couldn’t stay longer because he had some urgent business in Thailand.
A. Unfortunately; B. Unfortunate; C. Fortunately; D. Fortunate
10. Physical ______ and overeating add to the causes of several fatal diseases.
A. action; B. activity; C. activator; D. inactivity
11. I wish I ______ the instruction closely.
A. be followed; B. will follow; C. have followed; D. had followed
12. Uncle Ho devoted his whole life ______ his country richer and his people happier.
A. to make; B. making; C. to making; D. to have made
13. You should understand ______ better to work together.
A. one another; B. each one; C. themselves; D. yourself
14. That teacher is a(n) ______ one. His pupils like his sense of humor.
A. amusing; B. joker; C. fun; D. self-amused
15. The car ______ whatever we tried to do.
A. not started; B. hadn’t started; C. wouldn’t started; D. wasn’t started
16. He has difficulty ______ his ideas across.
A. getting; B. making; C. putting; D. bringing
17. The boy mended his shirt ______.
A. on himself; B. by himself; C. by his own; D. his own self
18. Had he prepared the lesson well, he ______ in trouble now.
A. wouldn’t be; B. wouldn’t have been; C. will not be; D. will not have been
19. They each ______ responsible for their action.
A. be; B. are; C. is; D. being
20. He ______ on the next train at 10 A.M.
A. is leaving; B. has left; C. will be leaving; D. leaves

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