Đề thi giải Trần Đại Nghĩa (môn Anh Văn) năm 2009 Lớp 11 kì 3

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Đề thi giải Trần Đại Nghĩa (môn Anh Văn) năm 2009 Lớp 11 kì 3

Bài gửi by Thầy Đức on Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:48 pm

Đề thi môn Anh văn lớp 11
Kỳ 3
1. Thank you for your generosity; we shall always be _____ to you.
A. debtor; B. indebted; C. debts; D. debtors
2. There was nothing the doctor could do because her illness was _____.
A. curable; B. cured; C. curing; D. incurable
3. I love to paint but I haven’t got much ______ ability.
A. artiste; B. artist; C. artistic; D. artful
4. She is clever and extremely ______, and so she ought to pass her exams.
A. work-hard; B. working-hard; C. hard-working; D. hard-work
5. It is my great ______ to meet you at this important meeting.
A. pleasing; B. pleasantries; C. pleasure; D. pleasantness
6. Metal rock is somewhat different ______ other types of rock music.
A. than; B. with; C. for; D. off
7. Are you aware ______ the regulation against smoking in this area?
A. with; B. at; C. on; D. of
8. I’m not familiar ______ that song.
A. for; B. about; C. with; D. as
9. She is enthusiastic ______ collecting stamps.
A. with; B. about; C. of; D. on
10. The glass was filled ______ hot water.
A. of; B. in; C. with; D. from
11. Dr Smith ______ works in this hospital.
A. no sooner; B. by no means; C. no doubt; D. no longer
12. There are only two ways to the theater. Which is ______ way?
A. a shorter; B. another shorter; C. the shorter; D. the shortest
13. The camera ______ me for my birthday is made in Germany.
A. he gave to; B. who he gave to; C. he giving; D. which he gave for
14. Seldom ______ out late at night.
A. does she go; B. she goes; C. goes she; D. do she goes
15. Of the three sisters, she is _____ and also _____.
A. the oldest / the prettiest; B. eldest / prettiest; C. older / prettier; D. the eldest / most pretty
16. ______ the heavy rain, we went to the beach.
A. In spite of; B. Although; C. Because; D. Because of
17. A ______ is a building used for growing plants that need protection from the weather
A. greenroom; B. greenhouse; C. green garden; D. green field
18. And here ______ the 10 o’clock news.
A. is; B. are; C. was; D. were
19. I’ve got ______ money as he has..
A. doubling; B. two as much; C. twice as much; D. double times
20. Women are now ______ some important tasks.
A. taking over; B. sending for; C. believing in; D. giving off

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